Workshop areas:

1        STILTS. Initiating training, stilt designs and construction, costumes for a community stilt troupe. Backpack based stilt characters

2        OUTDOOR EVENT DESIGN. Consulting on outdoor events, the design, creating interesting complex places, to explore and be inspired.

3        INFLATABLES. Designing and creating inflatable giants  or fabric based spaces as interactive venues, and exploratoriums. with community members, sewers, any demographic.. seniors, youth, school kids.

4        SAND CITIES. Leading the creation of large sand cities, as one off afternoon and evening fantastic landscapes. You don't need a beach,  5 tonnes of sand is about $300 delivered.

5        AERIAL SCULPTURE. Playing with large helium cylinders and creating aerial balloon designs at 100m ( legal height) with giant helium balloons . These are visible from 2-3km.

6        OUTDOOR INSTRUMENTS. Thongaphones, tuned tubular bells, timber marimbas, drumming parade float. Temporary and permanent. Well tempered and natural 'just' tuning.

7        FIRE MURAL design and staging. Currently I am researching gas flamed fire images.

8        SHADOW PUPPETRY: telling a story in small or large scale with cardboard cutouts, music and narration. This could be all within a two hour session or a longer workshop process.

9        PARADE SKILLS: Parade logistics, disguising trucks, bicycle wheel based floats to eliminate vehicles, stilt and backpack based costumes, characters. Portable inflatables.

10       PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: workshops for teachers, art students, public servants and practicing artists:  
All media above can be formatted as a slide show presentation or a hands on workshop.

PD Workshop examples: 

CANE AND PAPER lantern techniques _ small candle lit lanterns to 7 meter high monsters.                    
ELECTRONICS for outdoor images - using LED, movement sensors, soldering, interactive switching.
JUGGLING and OBJECT manipulation for public servants. Intense analogue immersive juggling therapy for the digitally attached.